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Life After Death

Life After Death  - Andrea Speed Though this series is probably billed as a paranormal mystery, I feel that that is pigeon holing it into a subcategory that is not all true. Of course the crux of these stories is Roan and how he is probably the only born (not infected) virus human/cat hybrid that has actually come out on top of this dreaded disease, where everyone else's lifespans are drastically cut short. Him being a private investigator is a good device on seeing how he works, thinks, lives. However if you've gotten this far into the series then you know he's barely living at all, drowning in despair, desolate with loss.

Roan has a tenuous hold on his composure and what he thinks is his sanity. His pain is too much to bear and he's understandably not wanting to move on from Paris and struggles with survivor's guilt and the unknown when it comes to his lion side.

Somehow his friends finagle him into taking on a case which actually slowly brings him out of his self imposed isolation and numb stupor. Again the various things he investigates aren't really the main part of the story. It showcases what he's been through, how he's coping, and how much further he has to go.

Again, this author pulls no punches on the worst facets of our human nature. She has made Roan's world full of hate, sadness, and violence. His voice is still bitterly snarky, the biting humor stings just a bit more in the face of loss and trying to live again. I appreciate also the great supporting characters, fully fleshed out and each with their own fun and often tragic voice. There is no sugar coating this harsh world but there is some hope there, there are definitely things to be grateful for and appreciate. I look forward to seeing Roan find more of those reasons; I want him to find those things that make life worth it and that is what's going to make me come back for more.

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