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Lock All The Doors Behind You

Lock All The Doors Behind You - entanglednow Derek has been missing for quite awhile. When he finally shows up with evidence of being tortured, he is stuck in his werewolf beta form. His humanity has been overtaken by his feral side and he won't allow anyone to help. Well… anyone that's a werewolf.

Huh. So what's the pack to do when Derek is hostile and unresponsive? Luckily human Stiles is not a threat and the only one that is able to get close enough to care for him.

This was often sad and touching as Stiles slowly coaxes Derek back to his own self. Of course it was funny too as one imagines Stiles trying to wrangle basically an all wolfed out, uncommunicative Derek. However as their bond gets stronger, actions sometimes do speak louder than words. Derek reacts purely on base instinct and urges, and Stiles responds to that quite well - that once human deflections, interpretations, and words are gone - no one can really lie when all that subterfuge is stripped way.

Overall, this was an enjoyable short that shows the potential and the heart of the relationship that we know these two have!!