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The Worst Thing I Ever Did

The Worst Thing I Ever Did - RemainNameless Freakin hell. This seriously gave me emotional whiplash. If my review is discombobulated it's because this fic jumped all over the place in tone and voice and left me dizzy.

Stiles and Derek aren't exactly friends. They're sorta allies but reluctantly so, as they join forces to battle the alpha pack and try to figure out who's been killing off virgins. At times this had classic Stiles snark and classic emotionally constipated Derek as they embark on a friends with benefits scenario. This was fun with it's usual banter and played on the cluelessness we so often see.

But!! It was also quite serious and dark which to me came out of nowhere. Stiles was a pretty big asshole and I have never said that about him. Derek was extra fatalistic; his self worth basically below zero and that was heartbreaking. These boys hurt with words and actions. There was angry sex. Maybe a little hate sex. With dirty talk. Let's just say there was a lot of sex and it was explicit.

To add to my above mentioned discombobulation, this was peppered with a lot of awkward and some of the funniest scenes I've read that involve the Sheriff and Scott. See?? Whiplash!!

So in essence I liked this. It was canon based, it ran the emotional gamut for sure, and there was smex. A good addition to your Sterek library but just be prepared :)