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Dirty Kiss

Dirty Kiss  - Rhys Ford 3.5 Stars - Audio Edition

I have to give props to the narrator - he gave each character their own unique voice that was very distinguishable and not annoying. I was especially impressed with the Asian accents.

Private investigator Cole finds himself in what seems like a simple investigation confirming the suicide of a prominent Korean family's son. What he finds instead is a closeted gay man whose death becomes more and more suspicious as people associated with the deceased become hurt or dead themselves.

Cole is kinda a tragic hero, stuck between grief and guilt over the murder of his lover by his best friend (who subsequently killed himself). That mystery is something I hope will get solved later down the road . Among the numerous attempts on his life, he falls for the deceased's cousin and a hot affair ensues.

Overall I like romantic suspense and this was a good example of that. It had a great supporting cast, excellent banter, and a good amount of heat. I will read the next installment!