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Strength of the Wolf

Strength of the Wolf - Kendall McKenna What this book lacks in severe UST (and some might miss that) as seen in the first story, it completely makes up for it by having an overall easy relationship between the two MC's because they communicate!! What a concept! This means actual culmination, completion, full on sex within the first 20% (as opposed to 90%). Was that a little fast?? Sure but it's a were/shifter book and there's urges and hormones and mystical stuff that needs to be taken care of which negates the absurdity of insta-love/lust.

I give props to the author - there was no skimping on the smex - it is varied, it is in depth, it is HOT. Hotter than the first book in my opinion. *fans self*

So in conclusion - if you like weres, awesome and frequent sex (with a bit of dirty talk and an age gap) and you liked the first book, then this sequel is seriously a no brainer!!