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Crash Landers

Crash Landers - gyzym 5 Stars

I must say that I'm truly impressed. At first this may seem like superfluous fluff where Stiles pranks Derek by leaving a fake parking ticket on his car. But in actuality, this is a courtship. The courtship of all courtships via the written word.

This is another impressive take on witnessing the evolution of Sterek. It goes from bickering to bantering to debating to arguing. It unfolds deep revelations as their begrudging tolerance of each other changes to one of blatant necessity.

"Stiles doesn't quite understand, because they're in more-or-less constant contact now, and instead of being driven crazy by it, Stiles likes it. Loves it even. Can't imagine what he'll do when it stops."

Of course writing what they can't or won't say out loud does have consequences as emotions come to a head, resulting in probably the most epic love confession I've read about them to date.

"He's spent all this time handling it with kid gloves, this… this… this whatever it is between him and Derek, hasn't been pushing it, hasn't been expecting anything at all…handing his soul over in bits and pieces...not asking for a damn thing in return… Fuck being hurt. Better to get angry instead."

I guess what this story did for me was to point out the foibles of these two - their pathos, their quirks/hangups/fears. In loving each other they find acceptance of their own selves within. The epilogue was equally funny, touching, and profound.

Crazy + Crazy = Perfection.