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Winter Wolf

Winter Wolf - S.P. Wayne 3.5 Stars

First off if you hate grammatical errors and typos then this book is not for you. Second, if you hate slow burn romances then again, this book is not for you.

The above blurb is quite extensive and does not need rehashing. What I will tell you is that this book took its time in telling the story and progressing the relationship, but I was surprisingly ok with that (kind of akin to Wake Me Up or Chase the Storm). Axton's quirkiness and literalness was charming and endearing; his yearning and loneliness were palpable. Trapped into isolation of his own design and of necessity, his unrequited love for Leander was painful to witness.

However this is an m/m romance after all and a nice GFY one at that, once Leander catches on. I thought the progression was pretty realistic and of course I wanted more in the relationship development - good thing there's a sequel :)