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Siempre - Tessa Cárdenas So this is about how Sean and Jaime meet and what should have been a surprisingly easy start to a fantastic coming together, manifests into something quite complicated. Jaime is not out to his deeply religious family so they must hide their relationship from his cousin who dances with Sean. As predicited this brings a lot of complications and ultimately they fail in keeping their secret. The fall out as suspected is not pretty.

To me this was a thoughtful look on what it's like to struggle with being gay when your family thinks it's morally wrong. It also realistically touches on just plain old relationship angst that I think all of us have gone through. The euphoria of meeting someone, connecting with them and having fun. The doubts and worries over whether the other is just as serious as you are. Throw in commitment issues, communication roadblocks, and meddling friends.

Simply put, I liked this book. I did want a little more from Jaime's perspective and details about his family. This ended a bit abruptly but I see there's a sequel - something that I'll most likely check out because I was not ready to let this couple go.