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Shift - Andrea Speed

So the saga of Roan, aka Batman, continues and I was not disappointed. In this installment, there was a lot of character development where motivation and feelings were explored more. We see a different side to Dylan. Though he feels powerless to keep Roan safe, he makes his needs known, pushing Roan to be more aware of the consequences of his actions. He's deceptively insightful, surprisingly forceful. Holden too plays a major part, becoming an invaluable part of the team. He's full of street cred, the perfect partner as he works the opposite angles of their investigations. His moral ambiguity allows certain things to get resolved. Will it complement Roan or corrupt both of them further? And let's not forget the fabulous group of kickass hockey players. What started off as a client/investigator relationship changed to almost a surrogate family. Tough, fierce, crazy - their loyalty and acceptance were a joy to read.

I continue to appreciate the exceptional humor, the bitter sarcasm. At times this was a lot of fun - at others, the mysteries/cases were particularly dark and disturbing. Speed as always, continues to show the absolute horrible depravity and evil that some are capable of, and this was probably the most brutal entry yet.

There's a lot of debate and back and forth regarding Roan's other half. Some are scared of it. Some want him to embrace and own it. Others want him to use it to champion all infecteds, while many condemn him for merely existing. He too, constantly struggles with the uncertainty of his condition. Can he keep his humanity? Who's in control of whom? Surely he must realize that his very nature allows him to do what he does best - protect and mete out justice. But of course being a "superhero" does have potential consequences; his greatest fear being that it will hurt those he loves. Time will only tell if Speed allows him to come to peace with this internal fight and whether or not his living by the sword will be his undoing.

<b>"He was born this way, caught between human and virus, lion and man, a hybrid compromise between two incompatible states... he was a thing that shouldn't have been."</b>

Thanks to Desinka, Meep, Otila, Rosa, Sheri and Sofia for another fabulous BR!