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Bone Rider

Bone Rider - J. Fally 4.5 Stars

Wow. This was wild and fun - it literally was an action sci-fi adventure romantic dramedy, all rolled into one. There are a lot of players in this story, each with their own agenda. At its core is a runaway alien inhabiting a man on the run from his criminal lover, a lover who is desperate to find him along with the government who perceives the alien/man combo as a potential threat to national security.

First there's Riley with his awesome intuition/sixth sense, the stubborn loner who trusts no one. He's resolute in his moral compass, hurt and betrayed by Misha's omission about his occupation. Things change quickly though once he's reunited with him - his only desire is to protect the man he loves.

And then there's Misha who throws away his carefully crafted persona of conditioned company hit man - his top priority is convincing Riley to give him a second chance because no way in hell is he ever going to let him go.

It was possessiveness, obsession, lust, and projection. It was love in its scariest, most primal form. It was huge. It was all-consuming, different from anything Misha had experienced before, and he was so far gone he couldn't even be properly terrified of how completely invested he was in Riley Cooper.

Well said - one has to give credit for his determined single mindedness; sexy and thrilling in its ruthlessness.

These two gruff manly men, self-preservationists to the core - somehow ingrained themselves on each other, each longing for the other despite obvious obstacles. And if one was ever going to be inhabited by an alien AI, you should be so lucky that it would be by a sweet thing like McClane. His eye opening experiences to human life, such as eating his first taste of nachos, to learning English slang, to sex, was funny and endearing and hot!

This was a symbiosis, a menage that worked perfectly for all players involved. Gawd this would make such a fantastic summer blockbuster movie! And like how most of those go - the ending leaves it open for a sequel. If only!