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The Morning Star - M. Chandler


I found the missing scene after the ending…. http://mchandler.org/sott/stories/mscodicil.html


Reader alert! If you're expecting a romance be fair warned that you're not going to get it. If you're expecting an action/caper story then you're in the right place. This book plays out like one of those Mission Impossible movies - a group of agents (FBI in this case) must thwart a mad terrorist's plan with the help of an infamous thief. That part is entertaining and likable. Regarding the 2 MC's, there's not much that develops between them over the span of approximately 5 days; and realistically how can much develop in that amount of time? There is some flirting, there is a mid story kiss and in my opinion you'd never think Simon was gay because the author really doesn't reveal his thoughts in the 3rd person POV it's written in. The last scene was fabulous and had extreme potential but that's where it ends - at the end of the 2nd kiss! It was like reading an entirely different book when it came to that scene. This has potential for MC relationship development like the Cut & Run series. 


So again, if you want something light and easy and fun then this book is a good choice - but if you're reading m/m in the first place then I'm assuming you're going to want more in the romance department (and I'm not necessarily talking just sex) than what this book has to offer - I sure did and that's why stars were taken off.