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Zero at the Bone

Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville Are you in the mood for action and suspense? What about plot twists and turns? Up for some angst and feels? Well this has all that and more!

D is a bad ass, cold assassin. He also has a somewhat vigilante sense of justice, only taking hits that he thinks deserve a bullet to the brain. Out of nowhere, he is blackmailed into killing surgeon Jack Francisco, who had the unfortunate luck of witnessing a mob killing. However he can't go through with it and thus sets in motion a series of events and consequences that he couldn't have fully predicted.

This story had layers and as they were peeled away, more and more emotional depth was revealed. That one life saving moment changes D, as Jack slowly brings him back to the land of the living, slowly humanizes him as walls are torn down. Soon feelings and attachments grow between these two unlikely allies and it runs the gamut of being intense to awkward to heartbreaking to hot!

The gray areas of morality are touched upon often and not shied away from. The stakes are high and one wonders what are the lengths these two will go to to get their happy ending and will the cost ultimately be too high? Full of fierce intensity and vacillating emotions, take heed and hang on for one wild ride!