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Freefall - Andrea Speed 4.5 Stars

Oh Roan - our favorite grumpy PI with a sensitive side is back and he really needs to get his shit together. Some time has passed and he and Dylan are now officially official, but he's still wallowing in guilt and self loathing. To me he's a walking contradiction. He hates his lion but also uses it to its full effectiveness - saving people, threatening people, trying to get his point across to stubborn assholes. He doesn't give a shit about himself but if one hurts those he cares about... watch out!

This entry was by far the most entertaining to me. I was thoroughly and repeatedly amused by the inner snark and private jokes of not just Roan but Holden as well. Their keen perceptions and observations, along with witty banter and the reactions of those around them were hilarious, if not morbidly and depressingly true.

But... obviously things are not perfect. Roan continues to avoid his feelings, continues to avoid conflict until his anger unleashes his lion with what looks like some serious side effects. The author does not shy away from the ugliness and violence, and Roan's world is still dark and bleak. He's our tragically flawed hero who doesn't think he's worth a damn. However there are many who think otherwise and I love this cast of characters from steadfast Dylan, to nosy but caring ex boyfriend Diego, to hopefully new "sidekick" Holden.

The bar has definitely been raised this time around and the stakes are higher and the risks greater. Again, I want happiness for Roan, as well as for all the other characters - they deserve better and I hope they find it within themselves and with each other!

Thanks Sofia, Rosa, Otila, Meep, Desinka and Sheri for another fun BR!! Can't wait to read the next installment with you!