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(K)not Quite What He Expected

(K)not Quite What He Expected - Sugakane_01 Funny how life brings unexpected twists and the last person you thought as your "anything" is the exact one meant for you. This is an insightful stream of conscience from Stiles; a commentary on the pathos of he and Derek and why they fit so perfectly despite their obvious differences.

They shouldn't work - but they do.

This was a little bit dark (note warning tags). A lot intense. Hot, dirty, KNOTTING.

The companion short [b:(K)not Exactly According to Plan|22619734|(K)not Exactly According to Plan (Expectations, #2)|Sugakane_01|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1404370781s/22619734.jpg|42120360] complements this perfectly.