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Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English Mystery, #4)

Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English Mystery, #4) - Josh Lanyon It's been two years since Jake and Adrien have seen each other and it takes another murder to throw them back together. Once again Adrien finds himself smack dab in the middle of the investigation. Understandably this reunion brings back old hurts and anger. His reactions more jaded and cautious as new, painful revelations come into play.

It seemed at times, I felt sorry for everyone. Sorry for Adrien for his inner turmoil. He was in a bit of denial for settling for Guy. Of course there's a little self loathing for still wanting a man who has hurt him so deeply. Despite that he just can't seem to stay away or say no for forever.

Sorry for Guy for knowing he can't measure up. Will never measure up. He witnesses helplessly as Adrien slips through his fingers.

And then there's Jake. He continues to hold steadfast to a dream that has become unattainable. He's still afraid to come out, understandably fearing great personal and professional loss. At the same time, he too, can't let go of the past. Funny how the saying "you can't have your cake and eat it too" was so appropriately applied to his delusions.

Of course the romantic in me swooned, while the cynic wanted to break furniture on a grand scale. Lanyon as always, is so succinct and sharp. Adrien's snark is more caustic and shrewd, hitting its target with precision. I wanted so much more between these two; I wanted pages of dialogue and proclamations. But that's not Adrien; that's definitely not Jake. So instead I got a forced grand gesture and in typical Lanyon fashion, an epic abrupt ending - and I'm still left reeling.