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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes - Cardeno C. If you've gotten this far in the series then you know the basic premise - werewolves finding their "true mate" is a rare and beautiful thing. I admit that I wasn't so sure about this in the beginning, especially since it seemed 8 year old Samuel had the biggest chip on his shoulder. He was defensive and unfriendly and it took awhile for him to grow on me. However, one just had to realize that he didn't know how to process his feelings when he came across openly effusive Korban.

So you have MC Samuel, destined to be alpha - needing order, control, facts and rules to function. He's lacking a bit in social skills and empathy, always having difficulty connecting emotionally with others. This inability was at times frustrating but also endearing. I felt for him his lack of understanding, but his oh so earnest intentions came from the heart as he always wanted to do right and be a great alpha to his pack.

Korban was like rubber. Everything terse and uncomfortable Samuel said and did just bounced right off him. He was steadfast in his patience and commitment to his mate, giving new meaning to unconditional love.

So there was definitely some conflict and angst of course, but this was also a sweet, tender tale of destined mates (with KNOTTING) showcasing really how these two together were stronger than apart; their two selves making a whole.