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18% Gray

18% Gray - Anne Tenino 3.5 Stars

The setup is pretty interesting and original. This is a futuristic world where the U.S. is sharply divided into Blue and Red states. Red states are ultra conservative - sex is basically forbidden and being gay is criminal.

Sooo you've got scrappy and resilient Matt who's been tasked to extract his high school crush from a red state. He's fighting his feelings and trying to remain professional.

James who is now out of the closet, struggles with some guilt and finds himself trying to prove his worth and make amends. He also has to deal with his growing psychic abilities that make him a huge asset as they confront many obstacles. These powers are greatly coveted by the enemy and they're pursued mercilessly.

Quickly but realistically, these two get reacquainted as they try to escape. I find the author typically writes good smex and I wasn't disappointed here. Go ahead and throw in some silly humor, fabulous UST, tense action scenes and emotional depth as well. This was a pretty satisfying read in the end and I will read the next installment!