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The Threat of Human Sacrifice

The Threat of Human Sacrifice - vampireisthenewblack Virgins of Beacon Hills are being sacrificed and since Stiles is a virgin, he asks Derek to do him just a teeny, tiny favor… you know - to save his life and all. This might sound salacious and in many fics it would be a fantastic and totally fun setup. However despite some hot smex and KNOTTING, this was quite a serious read.

Being close to canon, realistically the characters are pretty much baffled about the concept of a male being pregnant. And I say as well they should be!! (I have issues with mpreg despite the fact that I keep reading them.)

So obviously this is unnatural and apparently quite dangerous. There's a ton of feelings here! Desperation, despair, longing, fear, resignation, determination. Most importantly and heart wrenching is watching these two have the willingness to sacrifice EVERYTHING for each other.

Gah. It was so so good.

Seriously. So many feels.