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Shutterbug - Yiichi description

Soooo this is set in the AU of Neckz and Throatz where Derek is the photographer of said magazine and Stiles is the newbie model. Typically this trope has been steeped in heavy smex - this one a bit more tame. However please don't dismiss it solely on that.

Derek is relationship shy, having been "burned" by cruel Kate. He 's emotionally unavailable, not interested in any intimate contact until Stiles comes along.

Stiles in all his no filter glory is the solution that slowly draws Derek out. It was actually quite fun to see these two date, to learn each other and show their commitment.

These boys may take it slow but the UST is just enough to make the payoff well worth the wait.

"and god, the way he smelled - like paper and books, and sweet, milky tea, caramelized sugar and grass and the outdoors… that his wolf was desperately trying to claw his way out to mark... to show him that they belonged together."

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