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Rats' Alley

Rats' Alley - Auburn 5 Stars

It's the end of the world as we know it... and apparently, the ironic impetus that gets these two to finally admit their feelings for each other.


Central to this story is Derek. You can see how his past weighs so heavily on him - the guilt and grief often paralyzing his ability to be happy and to have a normal loving relationship with someone. Despite his strong, stoic facade, this is a man who is constantly battling his own demons, doubting his self worth and so afraid of failing those under his care.

"He needed to take a chance, gamble that he could live and not just endureā€¦ There would always be a piece of Derek waiting for the next betrayal and a knife in the back. That's what life had taught him to expect."

Then you have Stiles. He is so attune to Derek, afraid of pushing too hard or too fast, lest he scare him away for good. He knows what he's been through, handles him so perfectly, cares for him so deeply.

"He loved the Derek he knew now, the man Derek had become, the alpha and the wolf, but he'd always ache for the kid Kate Argent had done her best to destroy"

So against the backdrop of the apocalypse, there's mass chaos and something more sinister brewing - their budding, romantic relationship the least of their worries as they confront obstacle after obstacle in trying to get back home. This is a harsh, realistic fic set in the season 2 canon. I found it well written, nuanced and thoughtful toward the characters' motivation and voice.

The Stereks I have given 5 stars to, often give me an emotional punch regarding these two's feelings for each other. Their love is strong and profound here. I'm not saying this is perfect in all areas. It had a slow start. The smex is not abundant but grows as their relationship does. The fluff is rare but beautiful during the private moments between Stiles and Derek. However, it's the ending - the full weight of the angst of this book built and did not hit me til the end, and I'm still kinda left reeling from it and perhaps a little bit in denial.


"The rest of forever wouldn't have been enough for Stiles to get tired of being with Derek. They didn't belong to each other... they belonged with each other, they chose each other and to continue side by side together."

I look forward to a dialogue and seeing what everyone else thinks!