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Indelible Marks

Indelible Marks - billtheradish OMG! Is there some sort of certificate of completion to showcase my sense of accomplishment?? I'm definitely needing a pat on the back for sure!

All joking aside I really did enjoy this book.  As I look back on the 70 plus Stereks I've read, what stands out for a lot of us is our desire to see things more played out.  I've said before that I've always appreciated the fics or stories that actually depict the daily lives of couples - and make no mistake - this is it.  It is the day by day progress of meeting someone, becoming aware of him, falling for him, negotiating the steps on how to be with him.

Of course being 800 plus pages, this is not surprisingly long on exposition and at times quite repetitive.  But it's not simply a cataloguing of events.  It's a sensory exploration from Derek's POV and how much his wolf is a part of him. It's also definitely the most extensive commentary on pack life/dynamics I have come across yet.

Overall I guess the take away message is that this is a very, very romantic telling of how these two fall in love and become mates. That through their bond, their connection to each other was quite amazing. There's no question as to who they belong to and that was beautiful to be a part of.

"All he could smell was Stiles, all he could hear was Stiles, all he could feel was Stiles, belonged to Stiles, was because of Stiles."