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with bloody feet across the hallowed ground

with bloody feet across the hallowed ground - owlpostagain

4.5 Stars


How things have changed in a year. Scott has joined forces with Derek and conceded alpha-ship to him. The whole gang has become a pretty powerful and cohesive pack to be reckoned with. The Sheriff and Melissa are in the know and have become great allies in fighting the supernatural baddies.

They have gone through a lot - and what I mean by a lot, I mean LOSS - which ultimately has its consequences. Inevitably, someone gets hurt and it's the Sheriff. This basically means for Stiles in his understandable fear, cuts all ties. He is done. Finished. Over it. Adios.

I don't want to further spoil anything but I thought this was fabulous - especially if you love canon based Sterek.

This was brilliantly plotted and executed. Great use of flashbacks lend insight and glimpses into this group's dynamics and the trials they have faced together. Add rich characterizations and motivations with emotional ups and downs and this all made for a fantastic read that will stay with me for a long while!!