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We Knew the Hands of the Devil

We Knew the Hands of the Devil - Grimm (Ao3) 5 Freaking Fantastic Stars!

As one reads these amazing fics in all their beautiful, variable glory, I find that the ones I love the most are those that are closest to canon.

I'm not going to lie. This hurt. But at the same time it was f'n amazing. This is the rare fic from Derek's point of view and it is a thing a beauty. Stiles is kidnapped by the alpha group and Derek is left floundering in grief and guilt as he tries to survive without him while remembering what they had before.

"Derek could lay here forever, entombed with Stiles in a ray of dusty sunlight. He knows the hammer will drop sooner rather than later, but he's no longer ready to die,… not with Stiles looking at him like he is now, like Derek's something precious."

Apparently I also like Derek as the fatalist, self sacrificing martyr. He's afraid of many things - losing his pack, failing his pack, falling in love, being loved - all of which make him the constipated wolf that he is.

The story flashes from the present to the past, giving glimpses of how he and Stiles fell in love - each scene poignant, heavy, full of importance as they come to realize what they mean to each other. These private, intimate, soul baring proclamations of their feelings are my favorite parts - they grab you, kick you in the gut, twist your heart because their love spans separation, miles, death.

"It's not just that they love each other… He knows that he doesn't want to lose Stiles…. he realizes that he doesn't want Stiles to lose him."

I urge you to not be afraid of the angst. This is so worth it and you'll love this ship even more after reading it - if that's even possible.