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Just Act Normal

Just Act Normal - Zosofi So yeah, Stiles becomes an actor and a famous one at that. What started as a youtube video, serendipitous events ultimately turn him into a star. He becomes quite enmeshed in his craft, where he uses said success as the perfect excuse to not come home to Beacon Hills. Surely it's not because of old nightmares and a particular hot sour wolf.

Forced into a 3 month sabbatical, Stiles returns home. Despite trying to avoid supernatural trouble, this is Stiles we're talking about. And soon, said trouble is a-brewing. There's also that big elephant in the room that is he and Derek not having feelings for each ether.

Though a bit slow on the uptake, I found this to be a completely original concept based on mid season 2 canon. Loved the flashbacks of how Stiles became an actor - including snippets of doing scenes, interviews, running lines, walking the red carpet. This added to the believability of the fic's premise and gave shoutouts and winks to the Teen Wolf fandom.

Once Derek and Stiles stop circling each other (just hurry up already!) - it's pretty smooth sailing for these two - and pretty darn hot! Yep. Loved the epilogue and the last "flashback" - again, very clever and smart - it made me smile and swoon.