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To Have Outlived the Night

To Have Outlived the Night - Stillane Again, I find that some of the best Stereks out there are closest to canon, this being set around mid season 2. That means there's a grudging respect between Derek and Scott/Stiles. They aren't exactly friends, but rather forced allies whenever they have to face various supernatural baddies. This time however, their adversaries are hunters - a bunch of them from different "families" set on killing Derek and his pack.

So Stiles helps Derek and becomes a person of interest. To make a plausible reason why Derek is around all the time (guarding him) they tell everyone they're dating. Logically this could have gone into fluffy smex overload - where I wouldn't normally complain at all - and had it gone that way, it would have made an equally fantastic story. But instead this ruse offers a reason and an avenue for these two to become more than above said allies in a believable way. Derek's used to being alone, relying on no one but himself. He continues to fear failing those under his care and loathes to put another person, a vulnerable human Stiles, at further risk. But of course Stiles is stubborn…

For me this had great voice and characterizations for the entire cast. It was heavy on feels and had some good UST with a promise of something more. Yeah, that unfulfilled promise sucks but it still ends on a high note, as one knows that the destiny of these two is inevitable.

"We are going to be amazing, (Derek) tries out, and it doesn't feel like a lie".