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I Call You Names Because I Love You

I Call You Names Because I Love You - tylerfucklin, Artmetica I'm not typically into rock star tropes but this is a clever set up. Derek fronts a popular band and he is the epitome of the tortured artist. Stiles is his sound technician and the UST has been going on for years.

What's portrayed here is classic Sterek personalities - heavy on the guilt and self loathing regarding Derek.

I enjoyed this but would have enjoyed it more with some extra smex. Who wouldn't right? This is by the same author who wrote [b:Diamonds Are Forever|23349736|Diamonds Are Forever (but flowers are cheaper)|tylerfucklin|https://s.gr-assets.com/assets/nophoto/book/50x75-4845f44723bc5d3a9ac322f99b110b1d.png|42907709] and he/she did a pretty darn good job of Derek giving himself a "job" - so why isn't there more??? I just wish the author extended or expanded both these stories beyond these two realizing their love for each other. .

This was a bit different and it was nice to see the other popular fanfic out there in the universe acknowledged.