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Blood & Thunder

Blood & Thunder - Charlie Cochet 3.5 Stars

If you enjoyed the first book, then this sequel will not disappoint. Sloane, Dex and the rest of their crew continue to try and find Isaac, now the mastermind behind the human hate group against shifters (aka Therians). As they navigate clues and evidence, these two MC's also try to manage their secret relationship.

Sloane is frustrating but understandably commitment phobic. Dex, the crazy jokester tries to play it cool, when it really just hurts his feelings. These two may not know if they're ready to be official boyfriends but they are quite hot under the sheets, despite the angst.

This is action dramedy at its best. The supporting cast continues to evolve and remain interesting; the overall story arc just starting to really develop. For me it will be a no brainer in reading the next installment.