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Dating Backwards

Dating Backwards - RemainNameless Take heed - this is an enemies to lovers trope and more serious than what the blurb would lead you to believe especially when it starts with the word "pornstars". Derek is the ultimate professional and prides himself on said professionalism. He's cool as a cucumber until Stiles inevitably ruffles his feathers.

Derek is a closed off, egotistic (but secretly wounded and insecure) workaholic. He's definitely justified because he's the most popular performer. Stiles is a smug little bastard who doesn't know when to shut it off. Both try to prove a point. When contract specifics bring these two together - get ready to fan yourself.

But of course there has to be conflict.

"It's fear. The thought of working to prove his worth to Stiles... the thought of holding them together by sheer force of will when it's not even what Stiles wants… that's terrifying."

"He wants Derek to hold him and take him apart, but more than that, he wants to see what Derek will do with him if he lets him.. but it's not like he can do anything about it. He can't force Derek to be more with him."

This had my favorite kind of angst - insecurity, doubt, jealousy - with extra, extra doses of assumptions and miscommunication. There's nosy pack members and an abundance of Hale family meddling. And of course plenty of smex - lots of it - I promise.

"And then he's saying Derek's name over and over, like it's the best song he's ever heard."