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Parallax - uraneia 3.5 Stars

This is reminiscent of the Neckz n' Throatz world. Derek is bored as his pack is off to college and gets a job as a model for werewolf magazine Alpha.

Stiles ends up getting a summer job there too and when a model gets sick, he is oh-so conveniently available to stand in for a sexy shoot with our favorite sour wolf.

Things to note - these two have been circling each other at a snails pace, each thinking they're being quite obvious in their feelings. Silly boys. This photo op is just the right impetus to get their feelings out in the open so they can get to the important stuff. *wink, wink*

Just broody enough with scorching UST and foreplay! Ends perfectly with a growly shove against the wall and a very heart melting proclamation,