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Pretend this is our den, kay?

Pretend this is our den, kay? - Survivah description

This is probably the sweetest, cutest, swooniest telling (peppered with some deep despair) of how these two met at the young age of 4 and 5 and from then on were inseparable. The rest as they say… is history. Their love was simple, honest, uncomplicated - already mates before they even knew what that really meant.

There's friendship, tragedy, werewolf revelations, awkward puberty, Spider-Man kisses, special sexy times, and tragedy yet again.

Through it all these two remain faithful to each other and steadfast in their feelings. Just fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Again, another great showing of these two in love.

"Stiles understood that he had something of a Derek addiction. It had started young, and it was a bone crushing need to wind himself closer and closer…he felt he was in an alternate reality where there… was just warmth and security and a feeling like if Stiles fell, Derek would catch him."