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Duck! - Kim Dare 4.5 Stars

Typically, BDSM is not my thing. Occasionally I enjoy a little slap and tickle but I don't find pain and spanking and being tied up all that alluring and I often roll my eyes at the dom/sub dynamics because I just can't relate. So I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. This book is about avian shifters and their world has a pretty brutal, clear cut, caste system. What kind of bird you are designates your station in life, leaving very little room to doubt where one is ranked. Due to this specific paranormal setup, and the fact that it is not a real life contemporary setting, I easily accepted how the two MC's relationship fell neatly into place.

Ori - young and not fully formed into his permanent bird which is assumed to be a lower ranking duck. He is sweet, submissive and thrives and yearns to make his new boss happy by seeing to his every whim.

Raynard - he's at the top of his class as a predatory hawk. A natural born dominant who doesn't abuse his power; caring and protective but make no mistake who's in charge.

The initial UST was intense; the smex was equally scorching. What I enjoy reading most about relationships is the push/pull, the constant battle of emotions such as doubt, yearning, possessiveness, jealousy with a bit of misunderstanding, miscommunication and self sacrifice thrown in - that combination of factors twists my gut (in a good way) and this had it in spades!

Thank you Ingela for the awesome rec and the actual book!! I look forward to reading the rest of this series!