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Milkshakes and Matchsticks #1-12

Milkshakes and Matchsticks #1-12 - entanglednow 5 Stars

I have to say that with a title and cover like that how could one not think this was going to be fluffy? Because in reality?? It wasn't. Nope - not really at all.

This would be more appropriateā€¦


What I will say about this series of "chapters" was that the overall theme was insecurity and doubt and it was pervasive throughout. Sometimes this manifested as funny, as awkward, and many times very embarrassing. At other points, it was heartbreaking and desperate and painful and so, so sad.

"But no one has ever asked Derek to go anywhere. No one has ever wanted to spend time with him for no reason at all. No one has ever known who he is, and what he is - what he's done - and still wanted him... Derek just wants to stop thinking about that for awhile. He wants something - he wants something else."

I would also say this is very close to canon - it seems to start just right at the end of season 2. This makes it very realistic in their relationship development and the "voice" rings so true.

These two want each other so bad, they try so hard - each taking it step by step - both not thinking it will come to anything - not wanting to get their hopes up or invest too far lest they be hurt even more. But these two need each other, are made for each other whether brought together by their unique supernatural circumstances or divine intervention.

"The fact that they sort of fit together - and they shouldn't, they probably shouldn't - and it feels huge to have gotten to this placeā€¦ where it's okay to just be whatever you are."

Extremely poignant, emotionally satisfying and another beautiful experience.