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Alpha Spikes

Alpha Spikes - starbeast This is of the A/B/O trope and it was quite tame compared to the others I have read. But I appreciated a more thought out society/cultural makeup and it did shed some light on hierarchy dynamics. In this AU, alphas are far and few between and their status reminds me of royalty. They are so high on the totem pole that they have their pick of willing (or nonwilling) omegas to take their heat with. They often live separate from the other betas and omegas and visit the enclosed compounds where they reside yearly.

I felt like this had a split personality. There’s an at times, overly verbose part that is mainly the ramblings of Stiles’ inner voice commenting on his small town life and the goings on. He’s awkward and resigned - a bit geeky. The other part is when Stiles is with Derek or thinking of Derek. Those scenes were more intense, shedding light on their past history and delving more into their complicated relationship. Their shared heat cycle is pretty hot and there’s some nice KNOTTING.

This was long and had a lot of exposition. I wouldn’t say that it's bad, nor would I say that it’s awesome either. Should you attempt this, I think most would agree with that noncommittal comment.