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A Mating Moon

A Mating Moon - Unpossible 5 Stars

Derek is being called by the mating moon, a time where his heat is particularly strong. In the process of holing himself up in his apartment, he just so happens to come across his mate in the form of a rent boy. Stiles hasn't been doing this long; extenuating circumstances forcing him into this lifestyle.

"The wolf only cares that this kid will taste like summer and trees and cool, bare earth and mate."

This is a grittier fic, the topics more serious, the feels definitely deeper. It's mostly in Derek's POV which I'm finding that I like a lot since it leads to a greater level of surprisingly insightful emotions. Derek's wolf urges and desires play prominently, though take heed that this isn't the crazy, mindless frenzy of A/B/O heat cycles. His connection to Stiles is instant and tied with hormones and base needs. But at the same time he wants to make a true and honest connection despite the sad and awkward situation that brought them together. Once that trust is gained, the results are explosive.

"Stiles is so far over his head, damn Derek for bewitching him with honest desire and compassion and his magic goddamn cock."

"But Derek is mumbling praise and curses… it's Stiles' body and Stiles' responsiveness and Stiles' words that are breaking that iron control and he... just lets go."

I must admit that this is probably one of the hottest Stereks I've read so far, but it's only because it has the added bonus of having the most raw, affecting, intimate feels tied with these scenes that make them so powerful. It was beautiful to witness their love growing over time in understated reveals and small gestures. This was just amazing and I'm in awe of these authors who continue to indulge our addiction. Keep them coming please!