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Love Runs Wild

Love Runs Wild - DevilDoll So this is set in the Neckz n' Throatz world where you have this.


Look at him and his pale perfection. It's really no surprise that Derek can't resist that.

Stiles is a model obviously. And so is Derek. They are both the most popular models for the above aptly titled werewolf stroke mag. You heard that right - the only problem is is that they're not stroking each other.

This is typical Sterek where Stiles doesn't think hottie-McHottie-pants Derek could possibly want him, and Derek is too emotionally constipated to make a move.

However the scales are unbalanced when Stiles shows up with a love bite marring that beautiful skin and Derek's possessiveness expodes. Quite nicely I might add. Oh and of course Stiles too :)

It's a win win scenario.