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Mated - Otter (Ao3) Here's the setup - popular skin magazine Mated features the intimate details of coveted werewolf couples. It needs to find a match for their single top wolf who's a bit rough around the edges. Newbie model Stiles is oh-so conveniently available to see if he's a match for picky, grumpy Derek.

This was a pretty awesome tale that showcases our coveted couple's relationship. It delves head first into the smex as they do their photoshoots which then progresses to videos (you heard/read that right). As one can imagine, the sexual tension was off the charts as their attraction to each other builds.

There was also a good amount of tender angst here - broody Derek always twists my gut, and his painful past made him vulnerable and endearing. Stiles, in all his clumsy awkward glory, was a balm to his soul, healing Derek's insecurities. There was a bit of swooning on my part as Stiles seduces and wins Derek over - this was intimately playful, tender, passionate, detailed, and nuanced. Yum.

As per my usual disclaimer, because this is fanfic, your love of Teen Wolf will enhance the read - but if you're not a fan, it shouldn't detract at all. This story belongs in the world of Neckz n' Throatz from which I understand has quite a few spinoffs - so hopefully there's plenty more out there to enjoy.

"...and it was amazing just because it was Derek, who he wanted, who wanted him, who wanted to keep him, maybe forever…"