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between the click of the light and the start of the dream

between the click of the light and the start of the dream - thepsychicclam 4.5 Stars

I definitely have to give props to the author on this. I haven't read much Sterek but this one really left a mark on me for some reason. It pretty much reads as a season of Teen Wolf or a multi-episode arc. There is a slow build to the mystery with an equally complex resolution to defeating the baddie - nothing was superfluous.

Now onto the actual important part - the ship that is Sterek. As a fan of the actual show, this is exactly what I envision would happen if they really did hook these two characters up. The progression was natural, layered, and made beautiful sense as all fell into perfect place. This was a double gfy with just the right amount of angst and UST that encompassed jealousy, guilt, yearning and doubt. It was equal parts dreamy and romantic.

And the smex?? Derek was tender with Stiles and Stiles was tender with Derek. It was also funny and endearing and dorky and possessive and teasing and vulnerable and hot. Did I say hot?? Hell yeah it was!

As per my usual disclaimer because this is fanfic, your love of Teen Wolf will enhance the read - but if you're not a fan, it shouldn't detract at all. Really - not at all.

As Stiles says and I concur - this was "fucking awesome"! Thanks for the rec Rosa!