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Bad Idea

Bad Idea - Damon Suede I admit I was a bit apprehensive to read this mainly because it had a lot to live up to from Hot Head and reviews emphasized the comic/movie/cult tv heavy world, but in the end like most books, everything turned out ok. The technical stuff didn't bother or overly confuse me which made me realize I'm a bit of nerd/fangirl myself.

You have Trip - an allergic, nervous nelly who is actually allergic to real life. He's a bit agoraphobic, quirky, awkward and a stud who doesn't know it. He's a nerdtastic illustrator, shy and unsure about everything. Despite his meek manner, he's a take charge kind of guy in the bedroom - I'll let you see for yourself, *wink wink*.

Then you have Silas - a swoon worthy, self proclaimed meathead who is equally nerdtastic and works in special effects makeup within the movie industry. He's a player tired of playing. Beautiful inside and out, his confident, take charge attitude and oh so sweet intentions make him that more endearing as he begins a relationship with Trip and opens him up to new experiences (in the bed and out).

I have one gripe with this book and it's a big one since it overall ruined my ultimate enjoyment and rating. At the 75% mark where the big conflict comes into play - Trip's insecurity and how he hurts Silas, hurt me a lot. "You can't unsay things" and though there was a HEA, I still felt torn. AND it took forever for this to happen! The last 25% of this book is over 80 pages and spans a period of 2 months! Get your head out of your ass Trip! Gah!

Despite this, Damon Suede's writing to me is very distinct. There is a sort of vernacular or dialect that makes it uniquely his. The sexual dynamics were holy hell hot, but the overall story was not as emotionally angsty as Hot Head. It was however equally realistic, fraught with real insecurities, idiosyncrasies, and fears that showcase those first emotions that surface with new love - and that was beautiful to witness.