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Prey  - Andrea Speed 3.5 Stars rounded up

For those looking for something a bit different from the typical were/shifter canon, this is your book. In this reality, if you're not human, you're either born with a cat affliction or infected with one of the various cat viruses. Regardless, this change to animal form occurs monthly without conscious effort or retaining one's humanity. This series focuses on Roan, an ex-cop turned private detective, who along with his lover Paris, somehow finds himself smack dab in the middle of solving cat related crimes - intentional or not.

MC Roan is a born cat. On the outside, he's kinda an asshole - jaded, stoic, grumpy, and cynical. However deep down he's a fatalistic tragic hero with a heart of gold and a strong yearning for justice.

Paris, infected by the cat virus, is his equally fatalistic partner - a seemingly gentle, charismatic soul who wields his charm expertly with a manipulative edge and grit.

That being said, those who want erotica, you're not going to find it here. It's actually a dense with details, paranormal mystery as Roan inevitably uncovers something more sinister while investigating his various cases. This book has kidnapping, murder, cultism, hate crimes, and religious fanaticism. It also has self deprecating humor, wonderful wit, sexy banter, and unfortunately tragedy, for being infected is "not cool, not sexy, not exotic; (but) painful, heartbreaking, agonizing".

There is romance and it's a very touching, emotional one at that - but all smex is off page. At it's core, it has wonderful world building, interesting suspenseful plots, and great complex characters who have a lot of story left to tell - especially as Roan's special abilities grow and Paris' ultimate fate is further explored. An overall great entry to the genre!

And a shout out to a great BR with Sofia, Rosa, and Otila. Thanks girls!