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Among the Living (PsyCop #1)

Among the Living (PsyCop #1) - Jordan Castillo Price 3.5 Stars

This paranormal mystery is set in a world where 1 in 500 people have a psychic ability. MC Victor Bayne can see and talk to dead people and that's a great asset when you're a homicide detective.

I really enjoyed this and only wish it was longer. To me this had a great premise - loved how there are so many other psychic talents out there showcased in well fleshed out supporting characters. I also really liked Vic's voice and personality - his loner attitude and self disparagement was to me endearing and funny.

So yes, I'm intrigued, especially where it concerns Vic's love interest - fellow nonpsychic cop - Jacob Marks. The romance kinda came out of nowhere but was hot when it was focused on these two. And of course it ended right at a point where turning that last page left you itching for more!