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But For You (A Matter of Time #6)

But For You (A Matter of Time #6) - Mary Calmes Audio Edition

I'm a bit torn about this. I have to say though that the narrator of this book was my favorite out of all of them and greatly enhanced my enjoyment.

It's been approximately 12 years since Jory and Sam first met and though they've thankfully matured a bit and have become settled, their love has not diminished. This last chapter was definitely more mellow, the hijinks not even close to being crazy. I'm still on the fence whether I missed it or not.

As I've said before, and I'll say it again, I appreciate Mary Calmes giving us a look at these two living their daily lives and this book has it in spades. So if you're ok with plenty of on page kid cuteness and Jory going through the motions of managing the household, then this is for you. There is a minor mystery that involves a case Sam is working on that brings with it a mini relationship crisis. How they discuss and handle it; what's revealed is just probably the best part of this book.

What I like about this series overall is that their passion for each other has never wavered through all the shenanigans they have gone through. So yes, I love growly possessive Sam and the heat level is pretty darn good which gives this extra points. If you've gotten this far on the Jory train I don't think many will be disappointed with the conclusion - because I wasn't. Enjoy!