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Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy Boy - Christina Lauren First off - if you liked the Beautiful series by this duo, then I think for many this will be a no brainer and I'm confident you'll enjoy this very much. However for me, my thoughts are going to be biased because this was the first hardcore M/F I've read after reading close to 200 various M/M fics and I have to be honest… I haven't really missed it much.

Don't get me wrong - this book had plenty of dirty, explicit, hot smex with a good amount of feels. There was some great dialogue and I enjoyed the setups/situations that these two got into. Ansel is an awesome fantasy. He is pretty much perfect and very swoon worthy. How can one not love a man who is gorgeous, kind, spontaneous, playful and sexy?? Seriously, he is definitely a work of fiction because I really don't think someone like this comes close to existing. Who wouldn't want to find themselves a French man who offers you a fantastic summer getaway in his home country?? Anyone??

However I'm not as invested in Mia. To me she was like many of the other female characters in novels like this. I can't be too harsh - this is New Adult and that means she has a lot of growing up to do to figure out what makes her happy. Unlike the Beautiful series, this was solely in her POV and I missed the alternating narration of both the female and male characters. I've always been more intrigued with the male POV - their emotions, vulnerabilities and pleasure. So while this was entertaining, I felt something was missing, something I can't quite pinpoint or articulate fully as to why this didn't hit my buttons as it used to.

Overall - Ansel 4.5 stars / Mia 2 stars = 3 stars total