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Secrets - Jordan Castillo Price Well the title of this story is definitely appropriate. Secrets abound in many forms this go around - suppressed memories, covert meetings, hidden agendas, and apparently a deep conspiracy.

This is probably my favorite entry so far because instead of just one mystery to focus on, new threads are emerging and contributing to an overall story arc that is just starting to show itself.

So you've got Vic, who is now starting to ask questions - questions about his job, his past and his relationship. He and Jacob are hot as ever, if not more so, but there are a few snags despite their growing feelings. You would think a paranormal mystery series centered around a self deprecating and awkward homicide detective wouldn't be so hot, but it is. I swear it is.

Supporting characters also contribute to the fun, as lie detector Caroline, precog Lisa, and crazy empath Crash feature prominently. This ends on a bit of a cliff hanger and I can't wait to see what comes next!

Thanks Sofia and Ingela for the BR!!