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Run for the Roses

Run for the Roses - Elizabeth  Noble To recap, you have Val who is best friends with up-and-coming horse jockey, Janelle. She gets hurt after a scuffle with an abusive ex-boyfriend, which is the impetus for her estranged father Wyatt to make a reappearance. As she heals and mends her relationship with Wyatt, the meaning behind her "accident" unfolds something more sinister than any of them expected.

This was a pretty tame romantic suspense but I found myself liking it. Val has instituted a self imposed term of celibacy due to his own history with past abusive relationships. That comes to an end as silver fox Wyatt catches his interest and wins over his trust. As these two work together to uncover a scandalous horse racing conspiracy, they grow closer.

There was a maturity to this and basically no angst which I found refreshing. Sprinkle some light smex on a straightforward mystery and you've got a nice afternoon read. This entertained me enough that I will pick up the sequel at some point.