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Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight - Cassandra Carr 2.5 Stars

Gawd this had so much potential.

First you have Vladimir, a native Russian playing professional hockey in the U.S. who has just allowed himself to wholly admit he's gay. A chance encounter arises and he meets Joe, who takes a little pity on his emotional turmoil and offers him friendship. So picture this - hot hockey player who's a gay virgin meets experienced hot ex-Marine who's reluctant but willing to show him all that he's been missing. The anticipated fireworks should be amazing right? Right??

I'll give points to the plot set up and the initial sexual tension. However when the pentultimate scene came Vlad losing his butt virginity , there was some emotional angst that aborted everything. That's fine. Explore your feelings, talk about it. However, nothing really was further addressed, nor did we see the attempt happen again. Instead we were just told it happened and I thought my kindle glitched on me! I felt cheated! This was also a bit more angsty than the first but at the same time, not angsty enough. Does that even make any sense? I guess I expected certain aspects to be explored (ie. Joe's struggle about going back into the closet) but other issues were focused on instead that lead to some bad vibes.

So due to personal preferences, this obviously didn't work for me as much as the the first book [b:See the Light|17366214|See the Light (Safe Harbor #1)|Cassandra Carr|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360630376s/17366214.jpg|24131948]. However, I'll still keep this author on my radar.