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Body and Soul

Body and Soul  - Jordan Castillo Price 3.5 Stars

This next chapter following lovable, slightly socially challenged Victor Bayne, sees him adjusting to his new work partner as they investigate a trio of missing persons. On a personal front, he's in a more established relationship with boyfriend and fellow cop Jacob Marks, and I loved reading about them as a couple.

The author continues to inject quirky insecurity in Victor's voice - he's not the suavest detective out there, and he's got to be the most squeamish medium around! Like Jacob, I found him to be loveable and relatable, faults and all. He's a bit inexperienced in the relationship department but you can see he's making an effort and wants to be the best boyfriend back. Also he's coming into his own and acquiring a little more confidence and assertiveness on the job which was fun to witness. As always the hot factor is still high in this (with a touch of dirty thrown in this time) - and I say that's always a good thing.