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Criss Cross

Criss Cross - Jordan Castillo Price 3.5 Stars

The fun times continue for Victor Bayne, the psycop extraordinaire who can see dead people. This time around his ability is a bit off the chain - the ghosts are actually seeking him out, being more aggressive. To make matters worse he has some health problems and discovers his life is in jeopardy - perhaps by those closest to him.

So yes, I just basically rephrased the blurb :)
If you want a further exploration of the world building, as well as another peak at Victor and his boyfriend, then start reading! As with the first installment, Victor has a unique voice - a little less on the confident and suave - which makes him that much more endearing and relatable. I also loved Jacob - is he too perfect? Maybe. But you can't say that that isn't appealing. This was great entertainment and the hotness factor does not disappoint! That last scene?? *fans self*