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Whiskey and Wry

Whiskey and Wry - Rhys Ford 3.5 Stars

The second part of the the Sinners series did not disappoint. You have Damien who's desperately trying to piece together his fractured memories. He's not sure what's real, only that he needs to find his best friend Miki who will help unravel the answers he so desperately wants. Scared and paranoid, that feat isn't so easy to achieve. Barely scraping by, he meets up with pub owner Sionn and sparks fly of course. The danger Damien is in escalates as those he cares about get hurt or end up dead.

As I've read Ford's books, there's definitely a formula she adheres to. You have one hero who's a bit damaged, who's been through hell and has a hard time trusting. The other has his own demons to wrestle with, but at the same time he's unafraid in risking anything and everything to protect the guy he loves. This veered off just a bit from her usual MO where her alpha MC was versatile instead of the smaller man stereotypically always bottoming , which I totally appreciated.

So yes, Ford uses a lot of purple prose, a lot of descriptions, and a lot emoting. This lends to great romantic overtures and possessive claims showing that her characters are fierce in their feelings and fall fast. There's nothing wrong with that - just know it's a given with her stories. The smexy times are hot - make no mistake - and the Morgan clan continues to be a bright spot as well! Next up is big brother Connor's story which I hope will be a revelatory and interesting read!