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See the Light

See the Light - Cassandra Carr Wow. If you're ok with a lot of smex (and who isn't) then this is for you.

You've got Jason, NHL pro, who runs across his new Olympic coach Patrick, and he's never been distracted nor attracted to someone like this - ever. It's definitely insta-lust and luckily it runs both ways.

I was very pleasantly suprised by this. Again, make no mistake that these guys go at it fast, hard and wet. Perhaps what made it so hot was that Jason was basically inexperienced; his past encounters pretty much entailed anonymous one offs in bars. Patrick was fantastic in his patience and understanding but wasn't timid in the bedroom and was all for enlightenment.

Despite the high smex count, I felt it addressed the real issue of homophobia seen in many sports. The need and/or fear to feel compelled to stay in the closet was heart breaking but understandable and you could see how these guys struggled with that - Patrick an old hat; Jason just realizing what his future held.

This had my favorite kind of angst. You know the kind that entails want, doubt, jealousy, insecurity - the "I should know better but can't walk away since I can't help myself" kind. The pace is fast, there's an age gap with witty/funny banter and some decent dirty talk, plus the requisite emotional feels.

Did this end neatly? Maybe. Do I wish it was more drawn out with a proper epilogue? Absolutely. But it doesn't negate the enjoyment I had reading this. Sometimes in books, the smex isn't detailed or long enough or too descriptive. This for me was just right!