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The Enlightenment of Daniel

The Enlightenment of Daniel - Eli Easton I'll be the first to say that I typically avoid stories with cheating but my OCD of reading a series in order and my like of Eli Easton pushed me to read this.

Kudos for Daniel for discovering what he wants/feels and going at it with single focus determination. There was definitely no straying from his goal.

Nick at times was a sympathetic character, stuck and in stasis from life's choices. I wish he had had the strength to move on before Daniel made his intentions known. Again, my dislike for cheating rearing its head.

To me, this had the least UST and smex of Easton's works I've read. That being said I still overall liked it if I don't dwell too much. And of course, things work out (maybe too simplistically/easily) in the end, but this is fiction and I'm ok with my need for happy endings.